BeyondBeyond is a website for recording stories which take people beyond the horizons of their life


I grew up in aboriginal Arnhem Land. Here my parents came as missionaries in 1951. For 50 years their life became part of a place called Oenpelli, near Kadadu in the Top End of Australia's Northern Territory. 
Ten years ago I began the story of our family, growing amongst the colours of this land. First as a child among children, then coming into adulthood, alongside a community going through its own chanes; citizenship, alcohol, uranium mining, land rights, outstation development, and aboringinal community self management.
Researching this story I discovered many other remarkable stories of human growth and endurance, people moving beyond the horizons of their life or imagination. Two outstanding ones were Leichardt's diary of his trip to Coburg Peninsula and Kurt Johansson's "Son of the Red Centre"
This website is a place to record my own story and those of others, and so to share them across other horizons. My family's story is called "Children of Arnhem's Kaleidoscope Land". It will soon be available as an ebook.
In the meantime the story pages start telling it and other pages tell other stories.
If this website raises funds from these stories a large proportion will be contributed towards building a living museum at Oenpelli to capture these pieces of history, in all their colours.
Graham Wilson
Should you wish to contact me about the stories on this site or to send your own stories in (they will be posted provided they are not offensive) please email me at graham@beyondbeyond.com.au